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How To Prevent Drug Use

Drug use among teenagers is becoming a grave concern for today's parents as well as society at large. It is important for parents to pay adequate attention to their child during their growing up years so that they do not resort to addictive substances. As a child matures and become more independent, there is also the risk that they may be exposed to the world of drugs and alcohol. Therefore, it becomes crucial for parents to monitor their child's activities to ensure that they do not get involved in drug abuse or other illegal activities. As child reaches the threshold of adolescence, it is also the responsibility of parents to inform their child about the dangers of substance abuse and drug addiction to make sure that they stay away from harmful addictive things.

Here are some guidelines that can help in preventing teenage drug use:

- Try to find out the company that your child keeps and the people he mixes with. Adolescents, who are around people who take drugs, are more likely to get exposed to the addictive substances. Teenagers around drug addicts are likely to get tempted to try out drugs or use them on regular basis. Knowing about your kids as to where they hang out, what they do and with whom they mix will help you identify signs and symptoms in case they are taking addictive substances.

- A lot of adolescents experiment with drugs to escape boredom or just to have fun. In order to prevent teens from using drugs for fun or excitement, parents should sit down and have a candid chat with their child about the ill-effects of drugs. Parents should inform their children about how drugs can harm their mental and physical capabilities. They should get their teens involved in activities that will enhance their overall growth and keep them motivated and enthusiastic. Channelize the energy of teenagers to pursue meaningful and constructive activities.

- Studies show that teens with low self-esteem are more likely to try out drugs and other addictive substances than adolescents with high confidence level. Therefore parents should try and boost the self esteem of their kids so that they do not take recourse to harmful things. Make them understand that they are accountable for their actions. It is also important for parents to keep reminding their teenaged children that they care a lot about them as the feeling of being unwanted can make them resort to harmful and addictive substances.

- Parents can also take the help of academicians, medical practitioners and professionals to organize workshops and set up centers, which will provide adequate information about hazardous effects of teen drug use. Organizing prevention programs for teenagers can reduce the risks of drug abuse and addiction. Prevention programs should be designed to address all forms of substance abuse, including the underage use of legal drugs, inappropriate use of legal drugs and harmful effects of the use of illegal drugs.

Enhancing family bonding, holding peer discussion groups and employing interactive techniques that allow for active involvement of teenagers in learning about drug abuse will help in preventing teen drug use. Knowing more about the various causes that lead to drug abuse, will certainly help you prevent your child getting addicted.